1. Providing free, competent, effective and comprehensive legal services.
2. Widening the network of Lok Adalat.
3. Evolving schemes and strategies for persons belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Women and Children.
4. Reaching out the people.
5. Broad based activities, in co-ordination with Governmental and non-Governmental agencies, Universities and other promoting the cause of legal services to the poor.
6. Institutionalizing the A.D.R. methods.
7. Legal Literacy and Awareness Camps.
8. Strengthening and training the Legal Aid Lawyers.
9. Synergy with Judicial Academy.
10. Creating base for para-legal volunteers.
11. Innovation and diversification.
12. Use of information technology and the road ahead.
13. Activities of Legal Services Authority also focused on in the need for inclusiveness of the Transgender people who often move as 'floating islets' amidst the vast milieu of other citizens.