First Tea Garden LokAdalat for the people of North Bengal - Darjeeling

The district of Darjeeling with all its might and grace, had been nature's treasure trove for West Bengal. But the magnificence of this northern part of our State had been presenting quite a dismal picture in the recent past owing to the complications of the tea garden labourers who are facing a harrowing experience with the tea garden administration over various legal issues. There are, by and large several tea gardens extending through vast stretches in the hills. Often their plight had been talked about, printed in several newspapers and many unfortunate consequences involving them had come to light. A public interest litigation had also been filed before the Hon'ble High Court regarding the deaths of two labourers in the tea gardens.Taking note of this unhealthy situation, the Hon'ble Chief Justice, High Court, Calcutta, and the Patron-in-Chief, State Legal Services Authority, Dr. ManjulaChellur and the Hon'ble Zonal Judge, Darjeeling, Hon'ble Mr. Justice JoymalyaBagchi had been keen to address the issue and while inaugurating the National LokAdalat, at Darjeeling on 12.12.2015 as well as while attending a programme to flag off a project under which a panchayat area was "adopted" for providing legal aid through a LokAdalat, along with Hon'ble Justice Indira Banerjee, Executive chairperson of the State legal Services Authority, West Bengal organised at Dagapur Tea Estate at the outskirts of Siliguri conducted by a law school IILS in collaboration with the State Legal Services Authority on 13.12.2015, Their Lordships talked about introducing a system of weekly LokAdalat only for the tea garden labourers to address their various problems and legal issues to be manned by a retired Judge or even sitting judicial officers, so that an honest endeavourmay be made to settle the disputes as fast as possible, thus according them the required relief.

The people of Darjeeling welcomed this move and the Darjeeling Legal Services Authority under the Chairmanship of the Ld. District Judge and the Sub- Divisional/Taluk Legal Services Committee headed by its Chairman, Mr. Ajoy Das with the active assistance of the State Legal Services Authority and also with the assistance of one Mr. AmitSarkar, President, Darjeeling District Legal Aid Forum who was the petitioner of the PIL, organised a LokAdalat at Gungarampur Tea Estate owned by the DuncansGoenka Group on 17.01.2016, the first of its kind, to honour the desire of the Lordships and to base all sincere efforts for settlement of more and more cases relating to payment of dues and other legal matters by way of this method of alternative dispute resolution mechanism. The LokAdalat consisted of a three-member Bench of Sri Pradip Kumar Biswas, Retired Judge of Calcutta High Court, and Sri KanchanBhadra, a senior lawyer of Siliguri along with Sri AmitSarkar. The Member Secretary State Legal Services Authority, Sri Abhijit Som was present at the said event. The LokAdalat Bench heard petitions of 25 workers and gave the management three months to address irregularities regarding their provident fund dues, gratuity and pension. The garden with around 1,700 permanent workershas provident fund dues amounting to around Rs 2.16 crore, along with gratuity dues of around Rs 75 lakh. Although the estate is open, wages and rations have been irregular since February last year.What came to the fore was that the non-payment was because of technical lapses like mismatched signatures, lack of proper documents, like death certificates, authorisation letters and bank account details. About 25 petitioners were given on-spotdecrees as documental proof that their petitions have been heard and that these would be used for future references when more such Adalats shall be organised in the tea garden.

The first LokAdalat flagged off with a great deal of enthusiasm which paved the way for the next LokAdalat, this time at Panighata Tea Estate, within the sub-division of Kurseong in the district of Darjeeling. Among the 194 applications submitted by the workers, about 50 cases relating to ration cards, pension, 100 days work, provident fund and gratuity had been resolved in the said LokAdalat held on 20.03.16 under the initiative of Sub-Divisional Legal Services Committee, Kurseong.

 Legal Awareness programmes in collaboration with National Commission for Women, New Delhi under the aegis of NALSA

The National Commission for Women, New Delhi in collaboration with NALSA had proposed to organize Legal Awareness Programmes for Women in every State focussing on the districts where the crime rate against women is high on pilot basis. Under such proposal which was widely accepted by NALSA, eight districts of West Bengal had been identified for holding such programmes namely, 24Parganas South, 24 Parganas North, Kolkata, Murshidabad, Nadia, Hooghly, Jalpaiguri and Uttar Dinajpur. The programmes were accordingly arranged in the districts. The district Hooghly organized its programme in the Destitute Girls Home with the nomenclature 'Unmesh'. The Hon’ble Chairperson-in-charge Hon'ble Justice Indira Banerjee, Judge Calcutta High Court had inaugurated the said programme under the NCW project. The Ld. District Judge, Hooghly, Smt. Jayasree Banerjee, the Secretary, DLSA Hooghly, Sri Sounak Mukherjee and other judicial officers had attended the said programme. The Hon’ble Chairperson spoke about the understanding of the general laws and encouraged the inmates of the Home. Amidst generating legal awareness, events like song, dance, essay writing, magic show, and recitation had also been organised to encourage the inmates and make their understanding about the laws easier. Apart from the Hooghly District, other districts like North 24 Parganas, Uttar Dinajpur, Kolkata, Nadia and Jalpaiguri also arranged for such programmes on a widespread measure spreading awareness among the mass about women rights and remedies.

 The Review Meet / Workshop – 'A Leap Forward'

On 30th January, 2016, a Workshop, more of a review meeting, was held with the Full Time Secretaries of all District Legal Services Authorities of West Bengal, Chaired by the Hon'bleDr. Justice ManjulaChellur, the Chief Justice, High Court, Calcutta and Patron-in-Chief, State Legal Services Authority, West Bengal, Hon'ble Justice Indira Banerjee, Executive Chairperson (In-Charge), State Legal Services Authority, West Bengal and Chairperson, Calcutta High Court Legal Services Committee, and the Honourable Committee Members of the Mediation Committee and the Juvenile Justice Committee, High Court being Hon'ble Justice Soumitra Pal, Chairperson, Mediation Committee, High Court, Calcutta, Hon'ble Justice NadiraPatherya, Chairperson, Juvenile Justice Committee, High Court, Calcutta, Hon'ble Justice Harish Tandon, Member, Juvenile JusticeCommittee and Hon'ble Justice SoumenSen, Member, Mediation Committee and Juvenile Justice Committee of Calcutta High Court.

The working session was held in three phases by the Chairperson of the State Legal Services Authority, West Bengal on implementation of the seven newly launched Schemes of NALSA, the Chairperson, Mediation Committee on ADR Mechanism to spread awareness on Mediation and the Chairperson, Juvenile Justice Committee on status of Governmental Homes including Homes run by the N.G.Os. The seven new schemes formulated by NALSA which broods over every aspect of social and legal rights and responsibilities in the vital sectors of trafficking, juveniles, children related issues, mental health victims, tribal rights, were discussed and all the District Secretaries were asked to generate a great deal of awareness about the schemes so that people may know of their rights and seek assistance before the Legal service Authorities in the State as well as in the Districts for necessary intervention. The Hon’ble Executive Chairman also mentioned the importance of monitoring the functions under the schemes.

 Legal Literacy / Awareness Stall at the 40th International Kolkata Book Fair, 2016

The State Legal Services Authority West Bengal had set up a Legal Literacy cum Awareness stall in the Kolkata Book Fair held at the Milan Mela Grounds in Kolkata from 27th January to 7th February, 2016. The Book Fair is the world's largest non-trade book fair unique in the sense of not being a trade fair. It presents the world's third largest annual conglomeration of books after the Frankfurt Book Fair and the London Book Fair. Many Kolkatans consider the book fair an inherent part of Kolkata, The theme of the 2016 Book Fair was Bolivia. The SLSA stall was marked with distribution of free leaflets and pamphlets, free law books and also free legal advice given by the Ld. Lawyers, Retired District Judges to anyone who visited the stall. About 625 persons had visited the stall out of whom 78 persons had different queries which were handled properly by our Panel lawyers and the Retired District judges giving necessary legal advice and information. The rest became aware of the services of our Authority and two books containing the necessary laws and provisions were distributed to each of them.

 Mediation Training Programme at Siliguri, Darjeeling

In an endeavour to encourage and inspire mediation within the State, the Mediation Committee, Calcutta High Court and State Legal Services Authority West Bengal had arranged for a training of mediators for the six Districts of North Bengal namely Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri, Cooch Behar, Uttar Dinajpur, DakshinDinajpur and Malda from19/02/2016 to 23/02/2016.

The training programme was held in the Conference Hall at State Guest House (Circuit House), Siliguri in the District of Darjeeling. The training was for a duration of 40 hours in accordance with the schedule fixed by the Mediation and Conciliation Project Committee, Supreme Court of India for the said purpose. A total number of 30 Advocates from six districts mentioned above were chosen to undergo the Mediation Training Programme.

The training was conducted by the Master trainers Ms. ShobhaPatil& Ms. Sudha S.N. chosen by the MCPC, Supreme Court. The inaugural session was presided over by the Chairman of Sub-divisional Legal Services Committee namely Sri Ajay Das and Ld. Deputy Secretary, West Bengal State Legal Services Authority namely Dr. Moumita Bhattacharya and ShriArindamDatta, Secretary District Legal Services Authority, Darjeeling, who conducted the session.

The trainee Advocates actively participated in the training session and were extremely responsive during the entire session. They were overwhelmed by the simple behaviour, friendly attitude, erudite lectures and practical approach of the Master trainers who were fair enough to clear all the doubts raised by them during the training session. The trainee Advocates were satisfied with the training session and all of them were of the unanimous opinion that they had learnt something new about the process of Mediation and they are going to apply the same in the future. The training ended with the distribution of certificates by the Secretary of the Mediation Committee, High Court, Calcutta, Smt. RaiChatopadhyay.

 Celebration of International Women's Day

International Women's Day is celebrated on the 8th of March every year. This day marks the achievement of women and their development in the society. In the year 2016, this day had been celebrated upon the theme 'Pledge for Parity', to take steps for eradicating gender bias, to help women and girls achieve their ambitions, call for gender-balanced leadership, respect and value difference, develop more inclusive and flexible cultures or root out workplace bias. With these principles in focus, the DLSA of different districts of West Bengal celebrated womanhood by holding Legal awareness camps, organising workshops, seminars, etc. to uphold the spirit of the International Women's Day. Some districts organisedprogrammes in Shelter Homes or other Girls Homes, some in schools, colleges involving the students, some in correctional homes involving all inmates (male and female), some arranged seminars, workshops and others also arranged for cultural shows, sports activities, etc. One of the districts DakshinDinajpur aired a T.V. programmein a local channel for Women Rights to keep alive the spirit of International Women's Day.

 Lawyer's Training Programme under the NALSA module

State Legal Services Authority, West Bengal conducted the Lawyers Training Programme under the NALSA module in the next four phases. The 2nd phase of training took place on 16.01.2016 and 17.01.2016 at the Conference Hall of SLSA. The Advocates of Calcutta High Court, the districts of Kolkata, South 24 Parganas, North 24 Parganas and Howrah participated in the said training. The third phase was held on 27.02.2016 and 28.02.2016 also at the Conference hall of SLSA with the Advocates of North and South 24 Parganas, Hooghly, PaschimMidnapore, Nadia and Kolkata. The third phase was held on 05.03.2016 at the ADR Centre Jalpaiguri comprising the Advocates of Districts Darjeeling and Jalpaiguri while the 5th phase of training took place at the ADR Centre of PaschimMidnapore comprising the Advocates of Bankura and PaschimMidnapore.

 Legal Aid Camps, Literacy Stalls, other activities

Throughout the first quarter, all the districts of West Bengal organized and conducted various activities in their districts. The seven newly launched schemes were worked upon and considerable awareness had been created regarding the schemes. The DLSAs had been trying to maintain liaison with all the related Government departments to maintain success of the scheme. Programmes are aired in All India Radio and also in the television to generate necessary awareness about the benefits of the scheme. Apart from this, regular visits had been conducted in various Homes of the district, including Correctional Homes, Observation Homes, etc.

First Tea Garden LokAdalat in the district of Jalpaiguri

The Jalpaiguri District Legal Services Authority under the Chairmanship of the Ld. District Judge and the Sub- Divisional/Taluk Legal Services Committees, organised a LokAdalat at Red Bank Tea Garden on 15.05.2016 for settlement of more and more cases relating to payment of dues and other legal matters, non-payment of old age pension, widow pension, Provident fund, Gratuity and job card by way of this method of alternative dispute resolution mechanism. This is the first Tea Garden LokAdalat in Jalpaiguri, the LokAdalat consisted of a two-member Bench and preside over by Hon'ble JusticeMoloySengupta (Retd.), Former Chief Justice of Sikkim High Court, and Hon’ble Justice Prabhat Kumar Dey (Retd.), Former Judge, High Court, Calcutta. The LokAdalat Bench heard petitions of 344 workers and 156 petitioners have been heard and given on-spot decrees as documental proof.

The Second Tea Garden LokAdalat in district of Darjeeling

The second Tea Garden LokAdalat flagged off with a great deal of enthusiasm after the first one held in January, 2016 at Panighata Tea Estate under the Mirik Block within the sub-division of Kurseong in the district of Darjeeling on 19th June, 2016 organised by DLSA, Darjeeling and SDLSC, Kurseong under the aegis of SLSA,WB, comprising of two benches presided by the Hon’ble Justice Pradip Kumar Biswas (Retd.) and Hon’ble Justice Tapas Kumar Giri (Retd.), former Judges, High Court, Calcutta. Among the 258 application of workers relating to non-payment of wages, Ration cards, Job cards were taken up and heard by Their Lordships and 135 matters were settled.

Mobile Literacy Programmes

Mobile Literacy programme had been conducted by the State Authority and DLSAs by using Mobile van and ChetanaSathi and deploying Plvs, for creation on special awareness on National LokAdalat and act and activates of Legal Services Institutions. So far 29 Mobile awareness programme had been held.


The BalLokAdalat was organised by the DLSA, North 24 Parganas on 11th June, 2016 at Juvenile Justice Board, Bidhannagar where 7 cases settled by said LokAdalat out of 34 cases and such LokAdalat held at JJB, Jalpaiguri on 26th June, 2016 where 31 cases had been settled out of 105 cases.

Legal Awareness Programmes

The 5th day of June, 2016 was observed as World Environmental Day.Theprogramme began with planting saplings at the Latuguri NIC Auditorium, Jalpaiguri by DLSA, Jalpaiguri. In this occasion to generate awareness the importance of this day, provision of PWDV Act, Minimum Wages Act, Right to Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, Prevention of Child labour and Child Marriage Act and importance and functions of having ADR System in a district and the activities of DLSA, Jalpaiguri, were discussed at length.
On 11th May, 2016 Micro Legal Literacy programme was organised by DLSA, Jalpaiguri at Nijoloy Home for Juvenile Girls, Jalpaiguri on the focus area of protection of Rights of Women and Children, Dowry Harassment, Marriage Laws and Right to Education and protection of Rights of Children against violence. An interactive session was held. About 58 female inmates of the home were present.

On 18th May, 2016, a legal literacy programme held at PutimariFuleswari Junior Basic School, Cooch Behar on relating to evils of child marriage and immoral trafficking of women followed by legal literacy film Joyee.

On 22nd May, 2016 legal awareness camps were organised by DLSA, Uttar Dinajpur at the Conference Room of PanchayatSamati of Kaliyaganj B.D.O. compound to spread awareness on the Right to Information Act, 2005, at Radhikapur G.P. and at Banglabari G.P. and at Bhandar G.P. and on 29.05.2016 at Samashpur F.P. School and at Hemtabad G.P. and at Bishnupur G.P. and at Nouda G.P. on the focus areas - women related laws including prohibition of child marriage, women trafficking, harassment of women on work place , laws relating to outrage of modesty and insult to women.

On 23rd May, 2016 a Legal Aid Clinic (Legal Care and Support Centre) at Juvenile Justice Board at Nagendranagar, Krishnagar in the district of Nadia was inaugurated by Chairman, DLSA, Nadia in the presence of the Ld. Principal Magistrate, JJB of Nadia, the Chairperson and the Members of Child Welfare Committee, Nadia, DCPO, Probation Officer and other representatives of Nadia district administration.

DLSA, Cooch Behar organised legal awareness camps on 24.05.2016 at the Hall of Dhaniram High School under Ambari G.P on focus area – various laws relating to women and children, activities of DLSA under the L S A Act, followed by screening of Legal Literacy short film – Joyee and on 26.05.2016 at Akrahat G.P. Office compound on the focus area – the deep rooted malady i.e. the child marriage in the society followed by screening of Legal Literacy short film – Joyee. About 70 “Sabala” girls belonging to ICDS centre Nos. 208, 213, 212, 202 under Falimari G.P. were present.

On 31st May, 2016 a legal awareness camp was held at MatriAshray Home for girls at Sitai more Pachagarh, Mathabhanga, Cooch Behar to spread awareness on evils of child marriage and fundamental rights and other basic laws relating to rights of children and women followed by screening of Legal Literacy short film – Joyee.

On 4th June, 2016 a legal awareness programme was organised at Samsing Tea Garden under the Metelli police station, Jalpaiguri by DLSA, Jalpaiguri for spreading awareness on provisions of PWDV Act, Minimum Wages Act, Right to Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, Prevention of Child labour and Child Marriage Act and importance of Tea Garden LokAdalat, functions of ADR System and the activities of DLSA, Jalpaiguri.

On 6th June, 2016, Legal Aid Clinic was set up at the premises of Lumbini Park Mental Hospital, Picnic Garden, Kolkata by the DLSA, South 24 Parganas in order to implement the NALSA (Legal Services to the Mentally Ill and Mentally Disable Persons) Scheme, 2015.

On 8th June, 2016, a sensitization programme was held at the ADR, Centre, Jalpaiguri on Anti Human trafficking and Roll of PLVs under the NALSA (Victims of trafficking and Commercial sexual Exploitation) Scheme, 2015. The various documentaries were shown by the Shakti Vahini on Child and Women Trafficking & its dimensions challenges, existing response, rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration of trafficking victims. The Judicial Officers, DCPO, Chairperson of CWC, representative of Child Line, PLVs were present. The programme ended with an interactive session.

On 8th June, 2016 a legal literacy programme held at AmbariDhaniram High School under the Ambari G.P. of the district Cooch Behar by DLSA, Cooch Behar on the basic laws relating to Women and Children, Fundamental Rights, role and activities of Legal Services Institutions, benefits of LokAdalats and another literacy programme was held on 23rd June, 2016 at NishiganjNishimoyee High School (H.S.) on the basic laws relating to evils of child marriage and immoral trafficking of women followed by legal literacy film Joyee.

On 9th June, 2016 a awareness programme was organised by DLSA, Cooch Behar at Ghughumari G.P. with women and SABALA girls of some ICDS Centres on provisions of evils of child marriage, dowry harassment and women trafficking.

The Govt. of West Bengal had declared the day 9th June, 2016 as West Bengal Child Protection Day. The District Child Protection Unit of Jalpaiguri observed this day atPrayas Hall, Jalpaiguri with the motto to aware people about the value of children in our society and how we could protect their rights and dignity. In the said programme various animation documentaries were shown on sexual abuse on children, child labour and the procedure of online tracking of a missing child through National Tracking System for Missing and Vulnerable Children, POCSO Act, NALSA (Child Friendly Legal Services to Children and their Protection ) Scheme, 2015 & its implementation and other function & activities of Legal Services Institutions. Many inmates of different Homes performed dance, songs, yoga etc. on the said occasion. Prizes were distributed amongst the inmates who secured good marks in the Secondary & Higher Secondary Examinations, 2016. The Additional District & Sessions Judge, 2nd Court, Judicial Magistrate 1st Court cum Principal Magistrate, Jalpaiguri, District Magistrate,Jalpaiguri Secretary, DLSA, Jalpaiguri, Dy. Superintendent of Police (Crime), District Social Welfare, Officer, Commandant, 46 Battailine, Malbazar, Member of JJB & CWCs, District Child Protection officer, Korok, Anubhab and Nijoloy Homes, Social Workers of different NGOs were present at the said programme.

On 12th June, 2016 DLSA, Purulia observed Anti-child Labour Day at Manipur Leprosy Rehabilitation Centre, Adra, Purulia in collaboration with DCPU, Purulia and District Administration, Purulia and Raghunathpur. A road rally has been organised from ArunodaysishuNiketan Girls' Hostel, Manipur to Adra Railway station and returned to Arunoday and with decorative posters, Banners, Placard and slogans through louds speakers etc. 350 numbers of children's with common mass participated in the said programme. The main focus was given on alarming issues of Child Labour, Child Marriage, Child Education, Child Protection, Child Rights etc.

On 12th June, 2016, DLSA, Cooch Behar observed the Anti-Child Labour Day at Sahid Bandana SmritiMahilaAbas, Baburhat, Cooch Behar with the inmates of the Home children by generating awareness on Child labour (Prohibition & Regulation) Act, 1986 and the Rights of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009.
DLSA, Jalpaiguriorganised legal awareness camps at Khagrabari II G.P. under Maynaguri Police Station on 14.06.2016 to generate awareness on different provision of laws of Minimum Wages Act, right of UnorganisedLabourers, Workmen’s Compensation act, PWDV Act, Right to Education Act, prevention of Child Labour and Child Marriage and importance and function of ADR Mechanism.

On 17th June, 2016 DLSA, Nadia organised a legal awareness camp at Pattabuka NCLP S T. C, Karimpur in collaboration with Karimpur Social Welfare Society on different legal aspects with view to spread general awareness about the prevailing laws relating to anti-child labour and child rights, importance of education and an overview of POCSO Act, and activities under Legal Services Authorities act, 1987 explaining in detail how legal aid is rendered to the marginalized section of the society. About 79 participants including children, teaches of NCLP. Students and guardians participated. Pencil boxes were distributed amongst the students and pamphlets were distributed amongst other participants.

DLSA, South 24 Parganasorganised a two day long Induction Training for Para-legal Volunteers of South 24 Parganas on 17th – 18th June, 2016 at the ADR Centre, South 24 Parganas in consonance of the module for orientation/induction course for PLVs training of NALSA. 21 PLVs participated in the said training programme.
A Legal Aid Clinic was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Justice Indira Banerjee, Judge, High Court, Calcutta and Executive Chairperson (In-charge) of SLSA,W.B. and Hon’ble Justice Pranab Kr. Chattopadhyay, Chairman, West Bengal Law Commission at Jogesh Chandra Chaudhury Law College, Kolkata on 18th June, 2016. Sri Abhijit Som. Member Secretary and Dr. Moumita Bhattacharya, Registrar cum Deputy Secretary of SLSA,W.B., Sri ArijitMukhopadhyay, Secretary, DLSA, South 24 Parganas, Dr. SunandaGoenka, Principal and other Professors of Jogesh Chandra Chaudhury Law College were present. About 300 student attended and interacted with Their Lordships. A power point presentation was held with regard to the basic tenets of the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987 and the role of SLSA, DLSAs and SDLSCs. The programme ended by screening of the Legal Literacy short film – Joyee.

On 20th June, 2016 DLSA, Kolkata in collaboration with a Sankalp, NGO organised a legal awareness programme on Anti-child Labour Day at Joseph day School, Entally, Kolkata on the various provision of laws, Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties, Free and compulsory Education of children, act and activities of Legal Services Institutions and various schemes of NALSA. At about forty-nine students and guardians were present in said sensitization programme.

On 25th June, 2016 DLSA, South 24 Parganasorganised an orientation legal Workshop with its panel lawyers on Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2013 at ADR Centre, South 24 Parganas with the collaboration of Sanhita and BehalaKeertika, N G Os. 21 panel lawyers participated in the said workshop.

Legal Awareness Programme for Empowerment Women on 25th& 26th June, 2016 at the Auditorium of Ramakrishna Mission, Sargachi, Berhampore, Murshidabad was organised by DLSA, Murshidabad in collaboration with the National Commission for Women, New Delhi under the aegis of West Bengal State Legal Services Authority. Hon’ble Justice Indira Banerjee, Judge, High Court, Calcutta & Executive Chairperson-in-Charge of West Bengal State Legal Services Authority inaugurated the programme in the august presence of Hon’ble Justice SamaptiChatterjee, Judge, High Court, Calcutta on 25th June, 2016 and graced the occasion on 26.06.2016. the focus area covered on Empowerment of Women, Child Trafficking, Child Marriage, PWDV Act, Cyber Crime, Marriage Registration Act, Law of Divorce and provisions of Laws relating to women and child rights. District & Sessions Judge & Chairman, DLSA, Murshidabad, the Member Secretary & the Registrar cum Deputy Secretary of State Legal Services Authority, West Bengal, District Magistrate, Murshidabad, Secretary, DLSA, Murshidabad, Addl. District Magistrate (General), Murshidabad, Superintendent of Police,Murshidabad, CMOH, Murshidabad, DCPO were present. 670 participants attend the programme of said two days.

On 26th June, 2016, DLSA, South 24 Parganas jointly participated in the 'Observation of International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking' with the West Bengal Excise Department, Govt. of West Bengal, South 24 Parganas'- Rural and Alipore Zone organising a 'Morning Rally' from ‘Hazra More to Collectorate Building Alipore’ at Kolkata at about 9-30 a.m. in which the PLVs participated along with the school children and NGO, personnel of Excise Department and other stake holders. After the ‘Morning Rally' and indoor ‘Awareness Programme’ was held within 'District Magistrate Conference Hall, AliporeCollectorate Building, Kolkata – 27, in which Additional District Magistrate (General) Alipore, Kripa foundation, NGO working against 'Abuse of Drug and Illicit Trafficking' in the district South 24 Parganas along with other dignitaries, in implementation of the guidance and spirit of NALSA (Legal Services to the victims of Drug Abuse and Education of drug Menace) Scheme, 2015.

On 28th June, 2016 DLSA, Nadia organised a legal awareness programme on the legal provision for the disabled persons and different schemes including National Trust Scheme and NALSA(Legal Services to the Mentally Ill and Mentally disabled Persons) Scheme, 2015 at DhubuliyaMukta Mancha under krinshnagar 2 Block, Nadia in collaboration with Karimpur social Welfare society. About 152 local persons in including women were present.

DLSA, South 24 Parganas has inaugurated a Legal Aid Clinic within the Block Development Office premises at Baruipur, South 24 Parganas on 28.06.2016 for twice in a week for rendering legal services from the said legal aid centre.

On 30th June, 2016 DLSA, Kolkata organised a legal awareness camp at Kalighat, Kolkata on Labour Law in Unorganised Sector in collaboration with William Carry, NGO.